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General FAQ

Q: What is the block time, and how many blocks are there in a day?

A: The target block time is 90 seconds, which puts BWK at about 960 blocks per day.

Q: How long did Proof of Work/Mining last for?

A: Proof of Work is over and lasted till Block 182700.

Q: When did Staking/Proof of Stake begin?

A: Staking began on block 182700, the 1st block to be rewarded to a staker was block 182701. The transition to Proof of Stake took place on the 20th of June at 11:49 PM (UTC).

Q: Where can I download the Bulwark wallet?

A: From the Official Bulwark Github page.

Q: Is Bulwark just a fork of PIVX?

A: Bulwark is forked off of an older, more stable version of PIVX. We then hand patched it up to PIVX 2.3, and then backported code from Bitcoin 0.13 and DASH 12.1. More information is available in the Whitepaper and Lightpaper.

Q: What will this coin have that other PIVX/DASH clones don't have?

A: The Bulwark Secure Home Node, Citadel Home Router, Aegis Hardware Wallet and Zerocoin. There are quite a few things that the majority of forks don't have that we will and that's only what we've announced to date. We'd like to focus on integrating some of these updates before announcing any additional plans.

Q: What is SwiftTX?

A: Masternodes are able to instantaneously validate and confirm transactions before they are added onto the blockchain. This allows for extremely fast transactions that do not require additional confirmations.

Q: 10% community fund!? What is this?!

A: This is a fund that will be set aside. After the end of year 1 or block 345,600. Masternode operators will be able to vote on budget proposals and dictate fund allocation. This system is hard-coded and puts the future of Bulwark into the hands of the community and encourages engagement.

Q: Does Bulwark plan to be listed on X Exchange any time soon?

A: The Bulwark team is committed to the long-term health and stability of this project. Major exchanges want to see novel features and longevity from non-ICO coins prior to listing. Bulwark is focused on executing in both of those areas and we are not actively pursuing additional exchange listings at this time.

Q: 14 Million coins in one year is a lot wont this hurt the coin?

A: 14 Million coins will be generated by the end of Year One. 27 Million Coins is NOT the Maximum Supply, that is the supply at the end of Year Five. Each year thereafter, approximately 561k BWK will be generated annually, giving Bulwark a technically infinite supply.

Q: When does the block reward change?

A: blockreward

Q: Where do transaction fees go?

A: Transaction fees are burnt.