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Governance FAQ

A: prepare - Prepare proposal for network by signing and creating tx
submit - Submit proposal for network
vote-many - Vote on a Bulwark initiative with all masternodes
vote-alias - Vote on a Bulwark initiative with a single masternode
vote - Vote on a Bulwark initiative/budget
getvotes - Show current masternode budgets
getinfo - Show current masternode budgets
show - Show all budgets
projection - Show the projection of which proposals will be paid the next cycle
check - Scan proposals and remove invalid
nextblock - Get next superblock for budget system

Q: When is the cutoff for voting on a superblock

A: Your votes must be in 1920 blocks before the superblock, which is approximately 48 hours

Q: How many votes does a proposal need to pass?

A: A proposal needs to have 10% of the total masternodes on the network voting yea, after the number of masternodes voting nay is subtracted.
An example, if we assume that there are 1000 active masternodes on the network.
A proposal would need at least 100 more yea than nay votes to pass.
A passing vote would be something like 200 yea and 90 nay, bringing the effective total of yea votes to 110. In this example, the proposal had both the minimum number of votes met, and has a total number of yea votes above the minimum A failing vote would be something like 150 yea and 75 nay, bringing the effective total of yea votes to 75. In this example, the proposal does not meet the minimum number of yea votes and would not pass.

Q: What stops someone from taking the same collateral, making a node, voting, and shutting it down to make a new one, and spam voting for or against a specific proposal?

A: Every 14 blocks all of the votes are checked for each proposal and in the process it checks to see if the masternode is currently in the list of active masternodes. If it is not in the list at the time then the vote is marked as invalid and is not counted. If the masternode then comes back online, the next 14th block check will move the vote to valid. There is not a direct removal of invalid votes with missing masternodes, but over time the vote is left out of the incremental sync that happens every 960 blocks and new nodes that sync budgets should not receive invalid votes.

Q: How many times can one masternode vote in a round of governance?

A: A Masternode gets one vote per proposal, and the vote can be changed at any time up to the finalization period of 1920 blocks before the end block.

Q: In the GUI, how do I tell what proposals are up for voting?

A: The reference points you will want to look at are the start block and end block fields.
If the end block has already passed, the voting period for that proposal is over. In the example above, the middle two proposals are up for voting in this round while the top and bottom proposals have ended.