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Masternode FAQ

Q: How many coins do I need for a Masternode, and how do I set one up?

A: You will need a total of 5000 BWK. Follow this Guide to set one up.

Q: What is a shared Masternode, and how do I get in one?

A: Users can pool their funds to gather up the 5000 BWK required to operate a masternode. Shared masternodes are trust based and require that you trust the node operator not to take your funds. The Bulwark Team does not support or endorse any masternode operator and advises caution to anyone considering participating in a shared masternode group.

Q: How much does a Bulwark Masternode make?

A: Masternode profits vary on the price of the coin, what percent of rewards the nodes get, and how many are online. You can check out these websites for that information:

Q: How long does it take to get your first Masternode reward?

A: The first Masternode reward can take up to 24 plus the average Masternode reward time. The average reward time can be found on the Official Bulwark Block Explorer or on Masternode statistic sites such as Masternodes Online for example.

Q: Is my Masternode Private Key something people can steal my coins with?

A: No, they cannot directly steal your coins with it. However they can use it to turn your masternode off, effectively cutting off the flow of coins.

Q: What does a Masternode do for the network?

A: Masternodes act as trusted peers on the network, allowing for easier network propagation and faster transmission of transaction information as well as enabling features like SwiftTX which allows for transactions to be executed with only 1 confirmation, whereas a normal transaction requires 6.