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Masternode Issues

All commands are assuming you are running your Masternode on an Ubuntu Linux 16.04 VPS. Running a MN locally on a Windows or Mac PC, while possible, is not officially supported, mostly for security purposes.

To check if your masternode is active and working:

  • In your local wallet: Verify that you see status "ENABLED" in your masternode tab, and that the Active timer is increasing.
  • On your VPS: Run bulwark-cli masternode status, it should say "Masternode successfully started"

If you are getting a "Could not connect to server" error when running commands on your VPS

  • It has likely crashed for some reason and simply needs to be re-started using systemctl start bulwarkd
  • Follow that up by re-starting your node in your local wallet with startmasternode alias false yourmnalias where yourmnalias is the name of your masternode as defined in your masternode.conf.
  • If you would like to see if it crashed due to low system memory, run dmesg | egrep -i 'killed process' on your VPS.

If your masternode has stopped syncing during setup or update

  • CTRL+C to get back to the command line
  • Run bulwark-cli getinfo to ensure that you have successfully updated to version 2020000