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Staking Guide

  1. Make sure you have the latest wallet version downloaded from our Github and the wallet is fully synced with a balance of atleast 100 BWK.
  2. Now click Settings, then Unlock Wallet. Make sure to click the check box that says "For anonymization, multisend and staking only" and then type in your password (if set, which is highly recommended.).
  3. If everything worked, the Staking-Icon on the bottom right should turn dark blue and say "Staking status: true".

Please keep in mind, that it can take up to a few minutes for the Staking-Icon to turn dark blue and display "Staking Status:true". Also every other status except "multisend" needs to be true as well in order to stake.

If it still doesn't work after following these steps, please join our Discord for further help.