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We will utilize a multi-phase process for creating and submitting proposals. Each step will need to be fully completed. Failure to complete the steps outlined will likely result in a proposal not being activated. A basic outline of these steps are as follows:

  • Start in our Discord chat, and talk with some of the seasoned users. Gauge interest and if the response is positive, move to the next phase.

  • Utilize multiple social media platforms to discuss and get feedback. Remember that Bulwark has a diverse userbase and differing levels of governance participation, reaching a portion of the userbase will often require some footwork. Take note of these discussions and be able to cite them in the formal pre-proposal. The more citations provided, the better.

  • Be open to suggestions from the community and developers. Be flexible and willing to incorporate external ideas and suggestions in your proposal.

  • Create a formal pre-proposal on the Governance->Pre-Proposal section of our website. Provide citations for all discussions that occurred from the previous step. Treat your pre-proposal as if it is what will be submitted to the blockchain for voting.

  • Upon completion of these steps, you will submit your proposal to the blockchain. Be prepared for two fees, one at the time of submission and a ballot fee paid to the developer that activates your proposal on the blockchain. The submission fee is non-refundable, and the balloting fee will only be paid upon approval and activation of your proposal.

  • Everyone is free to adjust their proposal to include the reimbursement cost of these two fees. Please make sure in your formal proposal you state that you are adding reimbursement to the stipend requested.

  • Be sure to get back in touch with everyone you spoke with so your idea will be voted on. For a proposal to be paid out, 10% of the eligible masternodes must vote ‘yes’ on your proposal. This process of getting a 10% consensus can be much harder than it sounds, so be diligent, informative, and respectful in procuring the votes necessary for your proposal to be paid.