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Masternode Commands

systemctl start bulwarkd - Starts the Bulwark Daemon

systemctl stop bulwarkd - Stops the Bulwark Daemon

systemctl restart bulwarkd - Restarts the Bulwark Daemon

systemctl status bulwarkd - Displays the status of the Bulwark Daemon

bulwark-cli masternode status - Displays the status of the Bulwark masternode running on the VPS

bulwark-cli getinfo - Displays general info about the masternode

bulwark-cli masternodecurrent - Displays additional info about the masternode

ps aux | grep bulwark - Shows if the bulwarkd process is running

dmesg | egrep -i 'killed process' - Lets you know whether bulwarkd was killed due to lack of memory

nano ~/.bulwark/bulwark.conf - Edits your bulwark.conf file

killall -9 bulwarkd - Force quits bulwarkd (USE WITH CAUTION)

bulwark-cli getpeerinfo | grep synced_headers - Displays synced headers

bulwark-cli getmasternodecount - Displays count of all masternodes

curl --upload-file ~/.bulwark/debug.log

Outputs a link to the debug log of your VPS, extremely useful in troubleshooting issues that aren't fixed by refreshing

bash <( curl )

Refreshes your node by clearing the chaindata

bash <( curl )

Updates your node to the newest version