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Masternode RPC Changes

In order to maintain compatibility with future updates, RPC Masternode commands have been changed and converted to a JSON output. This will overall positively affect ecosystem development with a more standard, parseable API.

Old Command New Command Notes
masternode count getmasternodecount
masternode list listmasternodes
masternodelist listmasternodes renamed
masternode connect masternodeconnect
masternode current getcurrentmasternode
masternode debug masternodedebug
masternode enforce removed
masternode outputs getmasternodeoutputs
masternode status getmasternodestatus
masternode list-conf listmasternodeconf added optional filter
masternode genkey createmasternodekey
masternode winners listmasternodewinners
masternode start startmasternode see notes below
masternode start-alias startmasternode see notes below
masternode start-<mode> startmasternode see notes below
masternode create removed - not implemented
masternode calcscore listmasternodescores
--- --- ---
mnbudget prepare preparebudget see notes below
mnbudget submit submitbudget see notes below
mnbudget vote-many mnbudgetvote see notes below
mnbudget vote-alias mnbudgetvote see notes below
mnbudget vote mnbudgetvote see notes below
mnbudget getvotes getbudgetvotes
mnbudget getinfo getbudgetinfo see notes below
mnbudget show getbudgetinfo see notes below
mnbudget projection getbudgetprojection
mnbudget check checkbudgets
mnbudget nextblock getnextsuperblock


  • This command now handles all cases for starting a masternode instead of having multiple commands based on the context.
  • Command arguments have changed slightly to allow the user to decide wither or not to re-lock the wallet after the command is run.
    startmasternode "local|all|many|missing|disabled|alias" lockwallet ( "alias" )
     Attempts to start one or more masternode(s)
    1. set         (string, required) Specify which set of masternode(s) to start.
    2. lockWallet  (boolean, required) Lock wallet after completion.
    3. alias       (string) Masternode alias. Required if using 'alias' as the set.
    Result: (for 'local' set):
    "status"     (string) Masternode status message
    Result: (for other sets):
      "overall": "xxxx",     (string) Overall status message
      "detail": [
          "node": "xxxx",    (string) Node name or alias
          "result": "xxxx",  (string) 'success' or 'failed'
          "error": "xxxx"    (string) Error message, if failed


bulwark-cli masternodestart "alias" "my_mn" curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "masternodestart", "params": ["alias" "my_mn"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

preparebudget and submitbudget commands

  • Due to the requirement of maintaining backwards compatibility with the legacy command, these two new commands are created to handle the preparation/submission of budget proposals.
  • Future intention is to roll these two commands back into a single command to reduce code-duplication. Parameter arguments currently remain unchanged from the legacy command equivalent.

mnbudgetvote command

  • This command now handles all cases for submitting MN votes on a budget proposal.
  • Backwards compatibility with the legacy command(s) has been retained, with the exception of the vote-alias case due to a conflict in paramater type casting.
  • A user running mnbudget vote-alias will be instructed to instead use the new mnvote command.
    mnvote "local|many|alias" "votehash" "yes|no" ( "alias" )
    Vote on a budget proposal
    1. "mode"      (string, required) The voting mode. 'local' for voting directly from a masternode, 'many' for voting with a MN controller and casting the same vote for each MN, 'alias' for voting with a MN controller and casting a vote for a single MN
    2. "votehash"  (string, required) The vote hash for the proposal
    3. "votecast"  (string, required) Your vote. 'yes' to vote for the proposal, 'no' to vote against
    4. "alias"     (string, required for 'alias' mode) The MN alias to cast a vote for.


  "overall": "xxxx",      (string) The overall status message for the vote cast
  "detail": [
      "node": "xxxx",      (string) 'local' or the MN alias
      "result": "xxxx",    (string) Either 'Success' or 'Failed'
      "error": "xxxx",     (string) Error message, if vote failed


bulwark-cli mnvote "local" "ed2f83cedee59a91406f5f47ec4d60bf5a7f9ee6293913c82976bd2d3a658041" "yes" curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "mnvote", "params": ["local" "ed2f83cedee59a91406f5f47ec4d60bf5a7f9ee6293913c82976bd2d3a658041" "yes"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

getbudgetinfo command

  • This command now combines the old mnbudget show and mnbudget getinfo commands to reduce code duplication while still maintaining backwards compatibility with the legacy commands.
  • Given no parameters, it returns the full list of budget proposals (mnbudget show).
getbudgetinfo ( "proposal" )

Show current masternode budgets

1. "proposal"    (string, optional) Proposal name

    "Name": "xxxx",               (string) Proposal Name
    "URL": "xxxx",                (string) Proposal URL
    "Hash": "xxxx",               (string) Proposal vote hash
    "FeeHash": "xxxx",            (string) Proposal fee hash
    "BlockStart": n,              (numeric) Proposal starting block
    "BlockEnd": n,                (numeric) Proposal ending block
    "TotalPaymentCount": n,       (numeric) Number of payments
    "RemainingPaymentCount": n,   (numeric) Number of remaining payments
    "PaymentAddress": "xxxx",     (string) Bulwark address of payment
    "Ratio":,               (numeric) Ratio of yeas vs nays
    "Yeas": n,                    (numeric) Number of yea votes
    "Nays": n,                    (numeric) Number of nay votes
    "Abstains": n,                (numeric) Number of abstains
    "TotalPayment":,      (numeric) Total payment amount
    "MonthlyPayment":,    (numeric) Monthly payment amount
    "IsEstablished": true|false,  (boolean) Established (true) or (false)
    "IsValid": true|false,        (boolean) Valid (true) or Invalid (false)
    "IsValidReason": "xxxx",      (string) Error message, if any
    "fValid": true|false,         (boolean) Valid (true) or Invalid (false)


bulwark-cli getbudgetprojection curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getbudgetprojection", "params": [] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'

Masternode network protocol layer reporting

The results from the listmasternodes and getmasternodecount commands now includes details about which network protocol layer is being used - IPv4, IPV6, or Tor.