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Masternode Troubleshooting

Is my Masternode working?

To check if your Masternode is active and working:

  1. In your local wallet: Verify that you see the status "ENABLED" in your Masternode tab, and that the Active timer is increasing.
  2. On your VPS: Run bulwark-cli masternode status, it should say "Masternode successfully started".
My Masternode has stopped syncing, what can I do?
  1. The recommended course of action is to run the refresh script we supply on The Official Bulwark Github
    • bash <( curl )
If your masternode has stopped syncing during setup or update
  • CTRL+C to get back to the command line
  • Run bulwark-cli getinfo to ensure that you have successfully updated to version 1030100
I am getting a "Could not connect to server" error when running commands on my VPS, what do I do?
  • It has likely crashed for some reason and simply needs to be re-started using systemctl start bulwarkd
  • Follow that up by re-starting your node in your local wallet with startmasternode alias false yourmnalias where yourmnalias is the name of your masternode as defined in your masternode.conf.
  • If you would like to see if it crashed due to low system memory, run dmesg | egrep -i 'killed process' on your VPS.
My wallet says my masternode is active, but the node itself still returns Waiting for Remote Activation errors and the active timer is not moving. What do I do?

There are several things that can cause this, but the most common is an error in your local masternode.conf. * Ensure that there are no extra spaces or line breaks in your configuration file. * Ensure that the IP address you have specified is correct