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What to do if you delete your wallet.dat accidentally

  1. Go to the Backups folder in your appdata folder for Bulwark. Instructions on how to do so are located below.

  2. Take a backup from before you deleted your wallet.dat. You will see that the file size of a wallet.dat with coins in it is substantially larger than an empty one.

  3. Make sure you rename the file to wallet.dat and past it in to your Bulwark folder

  4. Restart your wallet.

If you do not have a valid backup or the private keys for your addresses, you have lost your coins and learned a potentially expensive but important lesson.
Always keep backups!

How to find your Bulwark folder

Windows: Press Windows+R and write %appdata%

macOS: Press Command+Space to open Spotlight, write ~/Library/Application Support/Bulwark and press Enter.

Linux: Open ~/.bulwark/

For an expanded explanation on what is contained in the Bulwark folder, please read the article titled Default Data Locations